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  1. Father ADAMAH LightofYAHAWASHI
    Father ADAMAH LightofYAHAWASHI says:

    Greetings! & Salute… This is my Remix: "When A Man Is Fed Up. It Ain't Nothing You Can Do About It"… Esua vibration has changed the mind & hearts of thine women here in Amerkkk… We're living in Sodom Egypt = The Capital of Harlots… It's wayyy too dangerous to play thy ( Playa Games ), = cause it's like playing "Russian Roulette" with all 6 bullets… = LOSER… +Just always be ,more careful men & always, always Think more with the head on top & less of thy head @ bottom, ya dig… Always wear a rubber & stop eating… And do all of us other men a favor = STOP ACTING BRAND NEW… DON'T PLAY YOURSELVES… Recognize Game / recognize when you're being Hustle = Learn 2 WALK AWAY & DON'T LOOK… Everything Glitter ain't Gold… Just because she's has a nice body & pretty doesn't mean that you should wife her… Learn to listen not just hearing, but listen & remember thy convo in every detail… Wait 2 r 3 days & bring thy convo back up again… If it changes. Than you should ( STEP AWAY )… Remember always whenever you're having sex with a woman… Know that you taking on her spirit as well + many others from her friends = Males r Females = sex partner… To da young Thunderkatts pep da jewels, & always "Respect" thine old skoolz…= it will add more year 2 your life… Shalawan

  2. kmoore57777 moore
    kmoore57777 moore says:

    You are right, college is the biggest point in their lives where they get the most body count and do the nastiest things. Heard about one girl who ate skittles out of some dudes doodoo maker. Dude was like 300 pounds so there was no way he could reach to wash his arse.

  3. Blind Squid
    Blind Squid says:

    Yeah you gotta wrestle a lot of greazy pigs to find a princess, an wrestle, an wrestle, an wrestle …………. Then one day you get out of the mud scratching your head "not a damn princess anywhere". Phuck it & walk away.

  4. Damien Lee
    Damien Lee says:

    I just like calling them hit and run victim because it sticks in the victim head. First baby daddy before 20, second baby by 22 or 23 to keep them close in age and the last baby daddy before 30. He's the retirement plan. Good video

  5. Tori Wilburn
    Tori Wilburn says:

    Funniest shit. Hear me out black RAM. I'm sitting here feeling like watching a movie I haven't seen in years. I pick "Back to the Future". Funny how we don't observe things we we aren't paying attention. If u have not seen this movie or haven't watched it in a while, please check it out. For these simps, how funny it would be if they could go back in time and really get the visual on really what their mom was about. In the movie, McFly's mom was a pure thot back in the 50s. She was actually trying to give her son the draws 😂. I mean she didn't know it was her son, but in the beginning of the movie she placed great emphasis on how she was not that type of girl and talked cash shit about women today😂. Many of these women are funny as hell. I don't know who made this movie but it was brilliant, touching on the alpha and beta males and how these women flock to the alpha but later on end up with the beta. Check it out. Just found it interesting.

  6. Red Rod
    Red Rod says:

    The more you talk about fefails the more the analysing becomes acurate and clear.I understand now why they want men to stop talking about them.I gess that the ish is more deeper that it seems.🎵🎶🎶🎼THINK ABOUT IIIIIT!🎵🎶🎼

  7. Gabe Pieczynski
    Gabe Pieczynski says:

    Guys don’t be fooled by these thots saying they want a relationship if they see a guy who looks a certain way she won’t be able to get naked fast enough if the guy is interested in her thots don’t change they just realize they are fast approaching their expiration date and are desperate to find a man if she will give it up to any man with no commitment there’s no reason for you to give her a commitment in order to get the goodies don’t be stupid guys

  8. Tee Be Me
    Tee Be Me says:

    I love your truthful sarcasm, omg you keep it so real, and the funny sense of humor you keep, I never fell in this category at 37yrs old been married for almost 6yrs now, haven't had too work in 5yrs, NO THIS ISN'T THE THOT RETIREMENT PLAN LHH, I met a real man who was tought man works ,while the woman stayed home and took care of the house and family, my husband didn't want me too work and I looked at him crazy af, hell I was used to being the man/woman but hummble, working 3 jobs and going too college and taking care of a baby, 2 cars, crib, no man ,boyfriend, hell I don't like girls in general so I didn't have none of those around, to gossip with, I didn't go clubbing,partying non of that shit, I minded my biz and took care of me and mines…. Then I met my husband and I actually thought he was shit talking, just running game,talking bout love at first sight, I'll pay ya rent, let's get married, I must of looked at that niggah, like he was a fucking psychopathic maniac real shit, it took me almost a year to want to stop working and too slowly start removing the pants I wore, but hey it was my rules and I'm head boss in charge only bcuz I'm worth it and real recognize real, we treat each other equally, plus we both mature and are best friends, no hidden agendas, we have Trust and respect fo each other, its been more laughs,giggles, than tears and arguments, we are a positive power couple and envied by many… what works for me may not work for you , plus we keep family and friends out of our biz too, I could write a book for this comment thread, but I'm keep it pushing and not hold y'all up lol, being yourself and keeping it honestly real, will attract your truly complete opposite mate, laws of the Universe, Hermetic Alchemy and so forth, I been awoke and way past this moment 💯🤔🤫🤐👊💪🤗😁🙈🙉🙊💕

  9. ParTVWorldwide
    ParTVWorldwide says:

    If you a most high fearing lady you will find your most high fearing man and live in the Commandments of YAHUAH. As a sacred marriage/covenant having kids and being fruitful. Anything outside of that is narcissistic and manipulative manipulation to get what you want. Lying and cheating having multiple boyfriends and one night stands.
    Then to take a husband/boyfriend break only to argue and cause strife to go out and ride the carrasel again, to see if you still got it. Nothing out here is sacred.
    Men it's all a lie, they can never give you what you want.
    They just drain you of supply and what you can supply them with.

    Seek the most high YAHUAH and all will be added to you.

    Proverbs 31. #VirtuosWife 😉

  10. brown bmann
    brown bmann says:

    The thot retirement plan lol 🤣😂that's a good one. In college I found and been with the biggest sluts. By the time shes out of college shes got a least 30 bodies or maybe even more. Then all of a sudden she wants a prince by the time shes in her late 20s early thirties…..smh that's some bullshit

  11. Michael Mckinney
    Michael Mckinney says:

    I am 49 have never had a steady relationship or been married. And I have no intention of ever doing so. And no I don't have any kids and don'r plan on gaving any. So no I an no THOT's retirement plan.

  12. brown bmann
    brown bmann says:

    Lol I had to watch this vid again after the other day. My home girl hit me up last weekend and told me that her and her man (who is married) want to have a 3some (basically run a train on her) so we met up the other day and the dude and I smashed her and through her around like a rag doll and did her until she was swollen. She also produces porn as a full time business..now after everything was said and done we were talking and she was telling me that she wanted to settle down and wanted a father figure to the son that she already has and wants 2 more kids. And said she wants a tall simple nice looking man a great father figure and someone who is comfortable with her career. So now after she told me all of this we first met when she was 21 shes now 30 years old still loves older men but wants to have it both ways. And me being 40 the o ly thing I was able to tell her was well mama you cant have it both ways and as usual for the 8-9 years I've known her she still thinks the same ways … and she also thinks she can live as simply as I can.🤔. I guess one day she'll figure it out. She also told me I was the one she let get away but yet she hit me up to have a 3some with her and tells me still til this day she can be a good woman to me….after I know more then what I'd want to know about her. I give her one thing she is lots of fun for a single dude but I can never see myself with her ever. I guess she'll feel it one day


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