This video will tell you how to get rich through a simple 6 step financial planning that you can do on your own and create wealth. This video will tell you how to …

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  1. Saurav Singh
    Saurav Singh says:

    Thanks Pranjal, Your videos are very helpful. Can you please tell how to open NPS account. I tried googling but these days NPS website is not acceptinng aadhar so am unable to proceed

  2. shubham singh
    shubham singh says:

    Thank you so much. This is very clear and very precise. Very few people are making such helpful videos. You are definitely one of the best if not the best. Once again thank you so much big fan. Keep making such great videos.

  3. Tanumoy Ghosh
    Tanumoy Ghosh says:

    Hello Pranjal, regarding Insurance you have suggested to go with a basic cover and specifically mentioned not to go for Premium Waiver add-on rider, just wanted to understand the reason behind this. What in case of Partial / Permanent Disability or if any particular critical illness detected, in that case "Premium Waiver" would come to a great help with having the policy in force. Kindly clarify. Thanks in advance.


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