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  1. bhupendra bhatt
    bhupendra bhatt says:

    WOW…So nice information given by you in terms of how to save id's and and passwords in excel sheet to know each other's financial details, to add on that, i would like to advice all viewers to make 2 excel sheets one with id's and other with passwords and save both in separate laptops i.e. husband and wife's laptop to give further security to the entire process.

    SURYA KUMAR says:

    Hi mam…. Great fan of u… From Tamilnadu….please put the full video in English…. It would be a great help for not only me but also for every fan urs… Thank u 😌


    Mam the tips that you have share for planning of personal finance is amazing .In our country almost everyone has a bank account but they are not smart enough of managing something in excel sheet .so I would like to request you that u also suggest us something which can help the weaker section also.

  4. Lourdes Miranda
    Lourdes Miranda says:

    Please do add some more videos of finance.. I'm a financial trainer but never thought in this manner. Very innovative..I seen the first video. I liked the cigarette example in fact loved it…I track all my expenses now.. including rs10

  5. Sk Muzammil Zeeshan
    Sk Muzammil Zeeshan says:

    Thanks a lot Maam…
    This upload is a must watch for all young people who have embraced the professional world and surely want to learn the art of handling money…
    It would be a big help in terms of educating them about the different options they have at their disposal when it comes to investing or dealing with their money wisely…

  6. shaikh baba
    shaikh baba says:


    I am an MBA finance grad and holds 3.6 years of professional work experience in finance and accounting from a multinational organization and I wanted to move in FP&A process and which I don't have any experience.
    I applied many companies but it was rejected.
    could you please advise how to get in FP&A with big MNCs with out any further Degrees.

    Your reply would be highly appreciated.

    Many again.

    Shaikh Qutuboddin

  7. Vikram Moule
    Vikram Moule says:

    Great tips mam. Thanks for sharing common knowledge that is uncommon. Adding my 2 cents.
    Saving passwords in password protected excel sheet is very insecure and infeasible in terms of accessibility. Also updates may be error prone. Better to use password manager like Lastpass. Here too you and your spouse needs to remember only one password but it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Also, most password updates will be auto saved after your confirmation. So I suggest you try and recommend it.

  8. soniya singh
    soniya singh says:

    Hello Rachna Di,

    Wishing of the Day,

    I am soniya From Gurgaon. I am doing M.A in Economics. I really like your video's information about Capital Market Feel great motivation , First of All i would like to thank you for these guidance.

    Due to this valuable information , Many people are able to underStand Important and basic things about Capital Market. I also decide to go for these investment,try and understand practical Knowledge for this purpose, kindly suggest it will good if i join any mediator company Registered With S E B I for R.M services as[ ] in initial stage as i am new for market.

    We are eagerly waiting for you new informative video's


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