Hi! I’m Dominique Henderson and I’m your Certified Financial Planner™ on YouTube. I’m on a mission to help coach the next generation of financial …

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  1. Sandra
    Sandra says:

    No. I'll leave that one for you ☺I like how you broke down the importance of introversion and extraversion. This delicate awareness and ability to balance is key in most fields of study.

  2. Shane Black
    Shane Black says:

    I am seeing it really happening in Australia right now, where Mums and Dads have seriously mistaken the advice of a real estate agent with that of a CFP. I am very keen to get my arse into gear here and start making a difference in peoples lives and actually become a CFP. Great vid

  3. m6m17
    m6m17 says:

    CFP or CFA or Weather manager designation. I am not the fence. What do you think, I love client facing… but the continues education of CFP seem like a money drain.

  4. Roy Baker
    Roy Baker says:

    Hi Dominique – great video. I work in public accounting (financial services – PE/Hedge fund tax) and wondering if this experience will qualify? Can't seem to find much info on the CFP board.

  5. rudini kwl
    rudini kwl says:

    ini my country (Indonesia), it almost imposible to get 40k salary due to the people do not realy understand that how's important financial planner (CFP) is. any idea sir? im CFP holder and experienced in invesment firm for 4 years. should i find a job to another country like us or canada?? thanks for ur information.

  6. T Marie
    T Marie says:

    Awesome videos! I get so much great energy from talking about finances. I started in insurance (L&H) over 10 years ago but starting working in nonprofit for the last 6 years and haven’t used my license. I just kept up the CE credits.

    Do you have a recommendation for the best way to transition back into financial services? I am ultimately interested in becoming a CFP.

  7. Edrick Clerveaux
    Edrick Clerveaux says:

    I need help… I am not on the field yet but will graduate in August 2021. I will get my certificate in December 2020. I would like to know where and how can I get the experience and what are the avenues in this field in Florida. Thank You

  8. Dillian N
    Dillian N says:

    Thanks for the video. I am working as a relationship banker for 2 years. I have series 6, 63 and Life. Do you think it would satisfy the experience requirements for CFP? How many hours should I spend every day to study and for how long, given that I am very motivated and dedicated? Thank you in advance!

  9. Johnny Encinias Financial Freedom
    Johnny Encinias Financial Freedom says:

    Thabk your for sharing. I am in the process of getting my BS in business with a financial planning certificate half way through my college degree. I'm so excited to get this because I have been fascinated with numbers. I have always looked up to big time stock market guys and financial gurus since I was young. Anyways I love your videos. Thanks for sharing. New follower here.

  10. John Navarro
    John Navarro says:

    Hello ! My name is John Navarro, I'm from Puerto Rico; In recent months the CFP certification has caught my attention. Thank God I found someone who knows about this certification. My first question is I just need a bachelor degree in BBA accounting, economics or finance ? And do you also need master’s degree ? The second question, is it matter your GPA as a requirement ? And the Last question ,do you need experience before taking the exam? I wait for an answer thanks.

  11. John Navarro
    John Navarro says:

    I am very interested but in Puerto Rico the PFC certification is not well known. However, universities do not even mention it. If there is any community or page to follow to achieve the goal of obtaining that CFP certification.

  12. Oz Bz
    Oz Bz says:

    That was an amazing informative video. I'm in my last year in Bachelor degree in the field of Finance. Along with CFP that I'm going to take, do you think I should do an MBA or would be waste of time and money?


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