Public pensions are often compared to the real estate bubble and student loan crisis. Robert talks to Ted Siedle, a pension investigator, who reveals systemic …

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  1. Color Storm Fur
    Color Storm Fur says:

    I know this is wayyyy off topic but may I ask do you know if there is a way around article 13 that isn’t illegal? please respond my small business really needs to put up its website soon or we will go out of business!

  2. Iulia F
    Iulia F says:

    thank you for promoting that wealth and money= happines, not friends, nor family, culture, tradition, just money and wealth that is all you need. bullshit. bullshit and again bullshit.

     what if you live for tomorrow, what it paying taxes is all you can do? can you see how life is for the majority of us? or are you blind? people are diying because they don''t have anything to eat… and you speak about taxes, incomes???

    please come to a poor country and see how it is. diagrams??? noooo…. nothing is shure, everything is corrupt. and you want to come to one of this countries…. to give lessons? what? you want to take some money? from people that are already poor? nice. good luck. intelligent. thank you for this contribution for this world. i have a business.. wise words.

    i can live. this is my reality, i don't put money aside. of course not, just if i would steal from people poorer than me and unluckier, could i do that ( like the politicians). thank you for promoting that wealth= happines, not friends, family, culture, tradition, but money and wealth. and you know what?

     i am one of the wealthy people of my country… that means i can survive. that's it. you are on the wrong way. reconsider all of your life choices, you filthy pig.

  3. S Douglas
    S Douglas says:

    I heard about a case where the pension fund was overseen by the boss and the boss was a labour-law specialist; luckily, he believed in very safe, to him, investments. Wow!

  4. Mick Puhar
    Mick Puhar says:

    Ok. Great info but you didn't really answer what we can do to protect ourselves. Okay maybe nice to pay Ted to find out if the pension plan is corrupt but that still doesn't help the person being affected

  5. ing yellow
    ing yellow says:

    why didn't say that in 1990? planty of bullshit, This guy only get a good inheritance from his rich dad

    A poor person never can get rich, it's really, really rare, stop inspire hope for poor people


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