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  1. jai ganesh
    jai ganesh says:

    Sir is joking…only way to create wealth in market is by investing in INDEX FUNDS as per data so far index fund has given more return than active fund managers in U.S.A ( Read book Money: Master the game by Tony Robbins) No one in this world know when to buy and sell stock. For long term Index fund are the best way to earn money only thing is u have to stay invested for long period of time(25 years+)…..and expense ratio for actively managed funds are high(2 to 2.5%) when compared to index funds(0.3 to 0.9%) for a long term u will be giving more of your money as expense ratio for actively managed funds as India GDP will be doubled as per forecast u can surely invest in index funds….but investing see the average return of nifty for past 20 years (Read this article very helpful) Don't blindly invest in anything if u don't understand it as Warren buffet said "RISK COMES FROM NOT KNOWING WHAT YOU ARE DOING"

  2. manoj solairaj
    manoj solairaj says:

    please sir I am 18+ college student very mad interested in investment in stock market … but I don't know how to learn where to learn…. no proper guide for me … and don't know to whom I should ask and clear doubt's…. I am trying my best to learn this by reading intelligent investor-warren buffet. but I have tons of doubt . can't understand something .


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