Do you want to become a financial advisor? Here’s a day in the life of me a CFP. For more information on how to become a financial advisor, check out my blog …

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  1. Shaun Leonard
    Shaun Leonard says:

    I’m currently a Sophomore at Montclair State University, my major is Business Administration with a Concentration in Finance. Do you think transferring to a more well know school such as Rutgers will be worth it? I’m worried I’ll have trouble getting an entry level job when I graduate because my school isn’t very well known. My plan is to start at a well known firm and then become independent once I gain some confidence and clients. I’d like to become independent right out of college, but I don’t wanna rush into it… I’d rather learn from my mistakes in a firm first. Any advice on what I can start doing now to get closer to becoming a successful independent financial planner in the future? (Maybe internships, adding a minor, studying for exams etc.) I‘m minoring in Economics right now but I’m not sure how relevant that is to this field, unfortunately my school doesn’t offer a Financial Planning concentration. Any advice is greatly appreciated, this is the best video I’ve found on this topic. Thanks.

  2. Dan's Chess Lounge
    Dan's Chess Lounge says:

    Hi, just found your channel. Nice! I'm an African American financial advisor in Cincinnati. I'm new to the industry, just passed the series 7 & 66 exams. The biggest problem that I'm finding is it's hard to find a mentor. I work for a large firm that only deals with high net worth clients and unfortunately I'm the only licensed black guy in the office and I'm new lol.

  3. Paige Earnest
    Paige Earnest says:

    This video really helped me consider the career! I am an accountant at the moment and I'm looking to get more fulfillment out of my career. I thought financial advising would be a great lateral but how are the hours? Is there a lot of overtime in your job? Do you get adequate benefits like PTO and health insurance?

    Appreciate the video!

  4. WalkByFaithandBudget
    WalkByFaithandBudget says:

    Just found your video today. It was super informative. I'm happy to see a black CFP, since there arent many out there. I'm graduating in December and I truly enjoy talking and learning about finance. I currently have a small financial coaching business where I help college students create a budget and set financial goals. Is that something I should list on my resume? How did you handle applying for entry level jobs when the job description asks for 2+ years of experience?

  5. Jose Lemus
    Jose Lemus says:

    Hey D, great content!! I’m an advisor myself, what ways do you prospect? I’ve been cold prospecting as I go and recently got into cold calling, mostly been building through referrals but wanted to speed up the process! Thanks in advance brother!

  6. Matt Klinger
    Matt Klinger says:

    Thanks for the video man. I'm in the middle of college pretty much and have been having a hard time figuring out what to study/what I think I want to work in. Financial advising sounds like something I'd enjoy working in. The planning part and getting to know the client and their situation appeals the most to me.

  7. PSDelport
    PSDelport says:

    You are the first advisor I’ve seen on YouTube that comes across as genuine, professional, intelligent and on the level. You simplify and explain everything so well. No snake oil! Great audience interaction 👏

  8. Diane Abigail Asio
    Diane Abigail Asio says:

    Hi Dominique, could you please provide me with a few beginner resources that helped you throughout your journey? I do not have any educational background in finance, as I took the health career route option. However, I'm currently looking into courses that allow me to take the CFP exam, as well as the enrolled agent exam. Lastly, do you have any advice for someone who is thinking about going into the world of finance?

  9. Tanika Lewis
    Tanika Lewis says:

    Thank you so much, this was very helpful. I was contacted recent regarding a job offer and I wasn't sure because I've never done anything that wasn't a hrly wage, put of fear I guess that I wouldn't succeed.

    Now I feel confident to step out there and put my skills to the test and see what other financial potential I can accomplish.


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