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  1. Richy Carr
    Richy Carr says:

    I’m a gearhead and love working on cars. First car was a grandma owned 1982 dodge Aries with 86k miles that I bought for 800$ and I stupidly got rid of it. I now own a 1986 Nissan 300zx that I purchased for 800$ and my 1999 Chevy S10 ZR2 4×4 for 1600$. Currently 22 years old right now owning both of these and I will drive them as long as I can because maintenance between both is MAYBE 100-200$/month and I only have 2000$ of credit card debit left while attending college full time to major in aerospace engineering. Have a dream, create a plan, and follow it people.

  2. DeathRowToDisneyWorld
    DeathRowToDisneyWorld says:

    I had a 1976 Impala. It had been a taxi in Boston once upon a time. NOTHING in it worked, just the engine. Someone had painted it baby blue with a can of paint and a brush. His name was The Blue Load. My brother painted the name on the trunk in big black letters and I had to drive it to Duxbury High School in 1990. A swelteringly wealthy town near Cape Cod.

  3. PrimeTyme
    PrimeTyme says:

    I bought a brand new 2015 Kia forte it's worth 8k I owe 7k . I would've sold it sooner but I've taken really good car of it and it's less than 50% of my income . I can't wait to pay it off. Live like no one else so later you can live and give like no one else.

  4. Anna Bernhardt
    Anna Bernhardt says:

    My first car at 16 in 1976 was a 1968 Ford Mustang. It had no power steering(very difficult to parallel park), and bad defrosting, but what a safe car it was! Like driving in a tank. I paid for it with my money working cleaning rooms at a conference center. Kept that car until 1987, when I moved overseas for 3 years.

  5. Keshana’s Journey
    Keshana’s Journey says:

    At first I didn’t like Dave videos 😂 but I caught on quickly and honestly he has literally saved my life. I just purchased my car, paid cash for it and I absolutely love it. No payments or any debt. Living within my means, saving viciously and working towards my first home!

  6. John Frantz
    John Frantz says:

    A car that’s been sitting for that long isn’t a good buy, cars a meant to run not sit. That means all the rubber hoses will rot the tires are dry rotted, calipers will seize etc.

  7. Chinna Udoji
    Chinna Udoji says:

    So what if I drive for ride share programs such as Uber and Lyft full time? Should I get a hoopty car? I just traded in my 2008 Honda CRV which was over 134K+ miles for a 5 year old car (2013 Nissan Pathfinder with only 23,000 miles in August of 2018.

  8. Slava D
    Slava D says:

    You can get a decent car at the copart auctions if you look for a 5 – 13 year run and drive condition no body damage, or light hail damage for $300-$2000 you can drive off the lot. If you or a friend can replace a few bumpers, fenders and small parts than you can have good car at a deep discount dept free. There are states where you dont need a dealers licence to bid on copart auctions. You can also inspect the car if you have the action lot near where you live before you bid.

    I got my self a 2010 GMC sierra 1500 truck about 4 years ago for $7600 with light damage. Changed the driver door bumper cover, headlight and front fender had it painted all came out for under $10000 the car was worth $24k at the time still drive it all dept free. It was low miles too.

  9. Joe Congdon
    Joe Congdon says:

    What about if you're driving between cities and you need comfort and great milage?
    I want something like a hybrid with 40 miles of gas that won't kill my body or my bank.

  10. adrian flores
    adrian flores says:

    What are your thoughts on riding dirty? Paying for a $1,000 hooptie in cash, registering the vehicle for $50 or higher according to the state you are in, and not paying for car insurance.

    I am 23 living at home in Southern California. Finishing up my degree in digital audiences minor in music. I have been without a car for a year now and it is hard getting to work then to the gym and then to the library to study. I recently asked my Pops to help me out with buying a car $3,000 and up. However, I think that it will serve me with discipline and independence if I buy a car on my own. I have a $1,000 saved up from this previous year. So should I go ahead and purchase the car by myself? Or get a helping hand from my father's hard-earning money? (Note: I'm looking for a Honda Accord 2002 or older. I heard Accords are good mechanically.)

  11. Kirk Walker
    Kirk Walker says:

    Don’t disagree.
    But when I got an almost free garage sale car just as he described, realize the seals on the transmission can dry out and you’ll need to get the fixed.

    But don’t laugh, it’s paid for!

  12. cripplermaximus
    cripplermaximus says:

    Always had a car loan until I got fed up being owned by a bank. Now I got a ‘97 Astro Van that I paid $800 for and took it on a 3000+ mile road trip. I love it. I’m looking for a $1000 Corolla right now so I can make the van into a camper. 😈

  13. squozzer
    squozzer says:

    The only downside to older low-mileage cars is that coolant, fuel, and vacuum lines (both engine and in some cases climate control) degrade at a rate mostly independent of the car's usage. The good news is that in most cases, they are cheap to replace, and within the skill level of a shade tree mechanic.

    Except the climate control lines – I've never seen any that I'd call easy to reach. But saving money might require rolling down a window (the "2-60" AC, for 2 windows, 60 mph.)

  14. elmateo77
    elmateo77 says:

    I knew a guy who got a nearly new Carolla at a police auction, 90% off KBB value. Great option if you don't mind the fact that somebody may have been murdered in it…

  15. T...........1717
    T...........1717 says:

    Once again Dave shoes his ignorance regarding cars. If you think a car that’s been sitting in garage for 20 years is going to be in “great mechanical condition “. Your gonna be in for a rude awakening when you realize all the tubes have rotted and the oil is leaking .


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