Want to Retire Early? Don’t Have a FIRE PLAN? Don’t know where to start on your road to financial independence? Do you know where you’re aiming but not …

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  1. George C
    George C says:

    This channel keeps getting better! Remember first seeing you on Matt McKeever’s channel a while back! I’m ‘at least’ lean FIRE at 26… and planning is an area I’m focusing a lot of energy toward now.

  2. Accuracy Marked
    Accuracy Marked says:

    When I first started investing on my own diligently 10 years ago…. a $10k loss after 3 months in my small portfolio used to kill and stress me…banging my head at how stupid I was. Now, I can lose or gain $30k to $40k a day and it doesn't even phase me.

  3. ThunderTiger0801
    ThunderTiger0801 says:

    Hey Mike! I absolutely love the content your putting out there! The videos are full of value and fun to watch! ( A few sound effects too much though😉) Im 17 and from Germany and want to get into Real Estate to build passive income streams for the future🔥 What would you recommend me to do in order to get started like what are the first steps🤔🚀

  4. don trinh
    don trinh says:

    I really need to get on this, but honestly man. I am too lazy. My financial planning is so basic its sad. I want to have financial freedom but i take it in me to go in so deep for planning. All i can do is just push forward and achieve more passive cash flow.

    Nice video man!LEGIT my favourite online financial advisor.

  5. Fraz Hussain
    Fraz Hussain says:

    wow mike bro you are a rockstar i really like the way you always talk and explain things i enjoy listening to u a lot you are a hero keep up the good work your topics are very interesting your very nice.

  6. Quest to FIRE
    Quest to FIRE says:

    Love the FIRE vids🔥🔥🔥 I’ll get there someday! Documenting the good, bad, and ugly on my channel. By the end I hope I’ll prove that the FIRE movement is not dead, AND achievable on a middle class income. (I’m in the USA)

  7. savyourself freedom
    savyourself freedom says:

    I like u mate ive retired in my low 40 s but one problem with your channel is a lot of talking but no figures talk is cheap throw some numbers up mate looks like you started around 9 years ago so your timing is great start of the bull run like to hear your plan and numbers for when things about to get shakey numners m8 lets hear some

  8. Florida Singularity
    Florida Singularity says:

    Love the video and channel, but there are way too many ads on one video. 12 minutes in and I've had to deal with about 3 already. Not sure if you are tweaking your monetezation or if this is how you want it – hoping this gives you some good feedback.

  9. Katrina Peacock
    Katrina Peacock says:

    Hi Mike. I’m new to your channel and new to the FIRE concept but I soaked in every word of this two part video. Thank you for your excellent content!!
    Any tips would be gratefully received… I’m 50 single (my boyfriend was born in London Ontario and speaks just like you 🙂 I have NO DEBT. $500K locked into my superannuation fund until I turn 60. But I want to grab hold of the FIRE principles and see if I can possibly retire at 55. Ideas …. ? Katrina 🙂

  10. aqueen13
    aqueen13 says:

    I love this! Thank you for sharing your insights, it is very helpful for those of us at the beginning of this process. I would love to see a video overview of the multi page excel spreadsheet you used to achieve FIRE along with access to it as a template. Love your videos, thanks again!

  11. Lexus Hummer
    Lexus Hummer says:

    Great job man! Really helping me out. Im glad i caught on to this paige early. I would really like to have a chat about where i can be placing my capital to let it grow over 30 to 40 years. Thanks for everything! Fire plan!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  12. Accomplished Theory
    Accomplished Theory says:

    You're a really smart guy. Hard to come across guys who know anything about balanced investing and stocks when they are heavy into the rental properties. Good stuff! Hope to see a stock vid. Show us some of your winners and losers and how you dealt with the volatility and what made you jump ship off any of them. THanks!

  13. Accomplished Theory
    Accomplished Theory says:

    Curious to know how much equity do you keep in rental properties? I was thinking if I can get rates around 3% I should refinance some mortgages and yank out much as I can so I would have a higher mortgage interest amount deducted from my rental income and put that money in VGRO/VBAL. This way I would have less taxable rental income while my equity grows tax free (untill I create a taxable event)

  14. Emma Brown
    Emma Brown says:

    I discovered this channel recently, is so inspiring and useful. I wished there were some downloads as resources, eg. a template of a financial plan containing all the info and tips on the video

  15. Jenine Cinco
    Jenine Cinco says:

    Thank you! Really great video.

    Summary of the plan but he talks in depth on each:
    1) Have an Investor Profile Statement
    2) write Goals and your dreams – and cost associated
    3) plan for Unexpected events
    4) Forecast income
    5) Insurance
    6) Investment style


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