Ryan & Hoppe changes name to Triton Wealth


Ryan & Hoppe Investment Management has changed its name to Triton Wealth. Founded in 2010 with partners Michael Ryan and Wes Hoppe, the new name for the financial services firm better reflects who they are and how they work with clients. Through thoughtful financial planning, Triton Wealth provides their clients independent investment advice alongside risk management, estate planning, and tax strategies by coordinating with their clients’ trusted CPAs and attorneys.

Prior to becoming business partners, Ryan and Hoppe’s expertise began in the Twin Cities when they worked in insurance and investment brokerage, respectively. Jennifer Smith joined the firm as director of client services in 2017, bringing 20 years of experience in the financial industry. Among the three, they have more than 50 years of investment experience.

“Planning for retirement is far more than consistently putting money away,” said Ryan. “A customer’s entire life needs to be in order—their estate, taxes, risk management, and succession plan, as well as their investment portfolio. Our depth of resources results in a comprehensive, planning-based, wealth-management approach. We say ‘plan today, thrive tomorrow,’ but it sincerely starts with today.”

The Triton Wealth name also points to the contributions of the three key members of the team, while allowing broader name recognition. Triton Wealth’s original office is located in Aitkin and they recently opened a second branch in Crosslake. Their clients are found in the Twin Cities and outstate Minnesota, as well as serving clients across eight other states. Since its inception in 2010, the company has experienced sustained growth.

“Coordinating the three areas of legal, wealth management-planning, and accounting allows us to complete the continuum of our clients’ needs,” said Hoppe. “Our team of experienced, compatible individuals collaborates well with each other, as well as with specialists, such as CPAs and attorneys. This gives us the liberty to be fluid in offering customer-focused solutions. We are not limited to recommending one particular strategy or product, but instead are our clients’ advocate as we help them establish financial security.”

Aside from the new name and logo, Triton Wealth’s client services will continue as before and clients will not need to do anything regarding their accounts.

“We are still the same people, with the same vision of providing comprehensive financial services both regionally and across the United States,” said Hoppe. “Now that we’re called Triton Wealth, our new name and logo more-easily communicate our vision and process.”

For more information about Triton Wealth’s financial services, visit www.tritonwealth.com or call 218-927-2427.


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