the thumbnail makes me look like a property agent moonlighting as an inspirational speaker L O L pls also watch the whole video! a lot of the questions in the …

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  1. bae max
    bae max says:

    hey brenda really love this video! One important thing I find with saving money is the company you are hanging out with! Thankfully my friends are mostly okay to dine in more budget friendly options, we also don't take cabs or grabs and we don't go clubbing! These are the friends I vibe with. I have classmates who can really splurge however they want and it is kind of hard to save money if you were to constantly go to a fancy restaurant with them.

  2. redsummerwings
    redsummerwings says:

    My aunt taught me a tip I've been following since I started working – save before you spend! Have 2 bank accounts – 1 just for savings (don't touch this money) and 1 for expenses. Your money will grow eventually ☺

  3. Nur Asyura
    Nur Asyura says:

    wow i love this video so much. you are officially my new favourite youtuber. love your enthusiasm and vibes in each of your videos and girllll your apartment is gorgeous. a singaporean fan <333333

  4. chocolatecaicai
    chocolatecaicai says:

    I don't go restaurants often, I almost never take grab unless it's super urgent, I don't drink Starbucks, I don't go clubbing, I don't like things go to waste also I only own a few essential makeup items… why am I still so broke tho XD love your video tho!

  5. liling ong
    liling ong says:

    hi brenda, i feel very empowered after watching your video. as a 22 year old this year, there are some points i really feel i should save up more. grab,skincare and food are really my blackhole haha!

  6. SCENE
    SCENE says:

    What risk index did you put for your stashaway, may i know? I just signed up under your referral code and waiting for funds to be deposited in in 2 business days. Currently mine is at 36% risk index.

  7. TheAstuteParent - Josh Tan
    TheAstuteParent - Josh Tan says:

    I found you through the suggested vidoes. First, I found your videos very informative! I agree with your point that savings are really important and we should always earn and save at the same time! I have a Youtube channel with videos about finance tips as well so I’m definitely doing my research! Thanks for all your help! Please keep it up!

  8. Joy Boy
    Joy Boy says:

    finally found someone who is as savvy as me!

    on top of that! similar to an ETF/ Unit Trust which both are passive investment asset classes, robo-advisors allows the flexibility of suiting one's risk appetite. Say Stashaway, if I'm not wrong, they allow users to customise their risk appetite by tweaking their proprietary risk gauge. The higher the risk you are taking on, e.g. 32% (high risk), the higher the allocation your money is going into high risk investment assets like tech, industrial stocks which are usually cyclical with the economy. I am not vested into robo-advisors at the moment but it could be a great start for most Gen Z young adults to embark on their investment journey! what's good about it is, you don't have to worry about keeping up with each of the individual stocks that's if you were to build your own active portfolio which saves most of the trouble and time that people like us do face.


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