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  1. Outdoor Adventures
    Outdoor Adventures says:

    In response to the title of this video: No, this program does not work because it keeps financially ignorant people financially ignorant and dependent. It may get a lot of folks debt free, but it does nothing to educate them, hence most of the callers. Remember, ignorant only means lacking in information, not stupid. There is a difference. A lot of these callers have been through Financial Peace University and call in with many basic financial questions. If the program was that informative – they shouldn’t have most of these questions.

  2. J Owen
    J Owen says:

    Ok so I'm going back through all of these videos trying to find an answer to my question I'm putting it here just in case someone can answer my question. I'm trying to do the baby steps I fell off the wagon once and I'm having to start over but I plan on being out of debt this year, so I want to build my house instead of pay a mortgage, how does that fit in the baby steps? Do I just treat it like another debt and save like mad? Get a loan? I'm going all out with it so I'm also considering a loan. Anyways if anyone has a suggestion of what I should do please let me know. Thank you.


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