Could you use an extra $181,784 during your retirement?


181,784. What does that number mean? What if you could get an extra 181,784 in extra
money all through retirement?

That’s the amount a recent client couple from Salt Lake is going to be getting from Social
Security. That 181,784 in additional benefits is money saved BOSS’ claiming strategies for Social Security. Imagine if you could use that extra money all through retirement?

Claiming Social Security benefits is complicated than you know. When you make that decision, you could be doubling your taxes. You could be having way too high of Medicare premiums. You could even be missing out on spousal benefits. The reality is that for most people, even their smart and savvy investors are leaving tens of thousands of dollars of Social
Security benefits on the table each year.

What BOSS Retirement Solutions does is create a customized Social Security analysis. In it you learn how and when to claim benefits, how to minimize taxes, and learn the key to enhancing spousal benefits. All if you’ve saved at least 200,000 for retirement.

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