It’ll be a bench-clearing fall for the Eleventh Judicial Circuit.

Associate Judges David Butler and Lee Ann Hill on Thursday confirmed plans to retire in December. They’re the latest in an unprecedented number of retirements and other exits from the 21-judge Eleventh Judicial Circuit, which includes McLean, Ford, Livingston, Logan, and Woodford counties.

Those looking to apply for the open judgeships need to do so by Oct. 11. After interviews, the circuit judges of the Eleventh Circuit will pick who gets the job by late November.

Butler will retire Dec. 5. He’s been a judge since 2005 and has served in the traffic and misdemeanor courts, divorce and family division, and most recently, supervised the small claims and arbitration dockets.

Hill, retiring Dec. 19, has served since 2008, and has worked in the criminal and family divisions, serving as presiding judge of the family division.

Their retirements were not unexpected. Butler and Hill both discussed the possibility with GLT in January.

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