Greensboro Retirement Community Prepared For Florence


GREENSBORO, NC:: Clem Clement is not the least bit worried about Hurricane Florence, “I’m not really keeping track that much,” said Clement.

Today she went for a walk, worked on a puzzle and started her day sitting outside chatting with friends, “It’s business as usual,” said Clement.

Now retired, Clement and her husband live at the Well Spring Retirement Community in Greensboro. The facility keeping close watch of Florence and giving updates to residents, “I don’t watch the weather report, I depend on Well Spring to tell me what’s going on,” said Clement.

The main reason Clement isn’t concerned is that the staff at Well Spring has been prepping for Florence’s arrival, “We have four generators tested and fueled and ready to go,”

said Well Spring President Steve Fleming.

The generators can power a submarine and have enough fuel to last seven days if the power goes out, “We prepare for the worst and hope for the best,” said Fleming.

The walk-in refrigerator and freezer are stocked with a seven-day supply of perishable food and a larger supply of staple goods, “I’m sure they have plenty of food, they always do,” said Clement.

Staff at the campus can also deliver food to residents living in on-campus villas if needed, “It’s a relief, I feel very fortunate,” said Clement.

The storm is expected to hit the Triad between Friday and Monday, giving Clement plenty of time to read, watch some movies and finish a 1,000-piece puzzle scattered across her table, “My kids are not worried at all about us,” said Clement.

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