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  1. Mohd Mohtashim
    Mohd Mohtashim says:

    My apologies for sounding rude Professor. But few of your explanations are just not precise. Like over fitting is the problem which occurs when the programmers develops a model to generate the desired result while mistakenly forgetting about the randomness. Thus the desired results are generated from the available data but the algorithm is completely useless in real time markets. The algorithm is not smart in itself but the programmer or analyst makes that mistake. And Artificial intelligence and machine learning is not an analytical tool. But machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence. In which there are three different types of learning methods: supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning.

  2. Ajay mayer
    Ajay mayer says:

    The legendary teacher Arif sir and Phenomenal Cfa prep provider the one man army
    No other prep provider Stands IFT prep materials the only thing IFT team doesn't haveme is Difficult question Problems Virtual Workshop videos as this is the only material they don't have at moment otherwise their all other materials are best hats off 🎩 👍👏👏
    Hope IFT Team in near future add this module even.


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