The same financial plan I made for Jarrod can work for you, just follow the steps I outline in this video. Don’t just shoot for $1 million, go for $10 million as a …

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  1. Joe Rosen
    Joe Rosen says:

    Getting out of little mindsets is HUGE…it’s a GAME CHANGER. I’ve had big dreams in the past, but I’ve always internally felt like they were simply dreams…unlikely hopes and wishes. After reading The 10X Rule, I genuinely feel like it’s a simple question of time and effort. Put in the effort over a prolonged period of time, and being a millionaire is almost guaranteed. But because such a small portion of the public have ever achieved that amount, it’s too easy to claim it’s out of reach. It’s not. It’s NOT! There’s a lot more to it, but in its most simple form, Effort + Time = Financial Success. Just keep pushing!

  2. High Hats Apparel
    High Hats Apparel says:

    so weird I ditched underwear when I started doing sales 7days a week and managing a team and I was like why the fuck waste more time? didn't think I would hear other people do it so often 😂

  3. H H
    H H says:

    You know 99% of people are in the top 99% richest people on the planet. That is not very impressive.
    I think you mean he is in top 1%.

  4. Lucas Bustillo
    Lucas Bustillo says:

    Here I am making 18k a year at 19yrs old. Trying to find where can I go to make a quarter of that a month. They are talking making what I make a week😐. One day, sooner or later.

  5. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    Grant at his finest!! This is why Grant is my guy. He doesn’t care if you like him or hate him. He tells you the truth!!!
    10 Millionen Minimum goal for financial freedom.
    Apply for 40% of income to store for investment.
    The most important thing you have to increase you’re income. It’s not gonna work without increasing income. This is what the middle class don’t get. They thinks they can get rich in a normal job with saving 10%. It’s a lie! Do the Math!!!

  6. Zack Slater
    Zack Slater says:

    LMAOOOOO last time I checked this was around last year Jarrod was doing the whiteboard for Grant and Grant was talkin hella shit to him Now he's in the top 99.82 percentile I LOVE THIS CHANNEL

  7. Justin Breitkopf
    Justin Breitkopf says:

    I get the whole investing thing to have passive income. The bit I struggle with is what to invest in when I can't afford a house in Australia!? Do I dabble the little money I have in shares? Every video I watch about passive income says to invest! But wtf do I invest in when I don't have loads of money?

  8. Ace Blade
    Ace Blade says:

    Making money online is awesome. I share my journey in how I make countless thousands online for free. As well how anyone can do it easily too. which then they can escape the 9 to 5 rat race and enjoy life . Also in the process of scaling to infinity!👍💰💪🔥


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