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  1. Jeffrey Richardson
    Jeffrey Richardson says:

    Dave, interest rates after nine eleven were zero on vehicles, remember? For safeties sake it is prudent to acquire forced savings! Interest rates on savings now is under 1%! How can today's public make any leeway ?

  2. Jill Wilkerson
    Jill Wilkerson says:

    Hmmm… what about the fact that this guy isn’t doing his own negotiations? What does it say about this guy when he can’t even make his own phone calls? Why didn’t Dave mention this glaring issue? While Dave’s ideas about negotiation are excellent, he’s ignoring the huge problems this guy has with fear of fighting his own battles. Or is it that this guy is just too good to be bothered with lowly business and people skills? There’s a lot more to this guy’s problems than just lacking negotiation skills. Even if this guy is not available now, I would hope he’s man enough to do what he needs to do for himself by himself and not use his wife as his mommy and secretary.

  3. frany alva
    frany alva says:

    Mr. Ramsey is RIGHT. "if" you read his book, and "HEED" the information. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!! YOUR FAMILY. AND JUST ABOUT EVERYONE YOU ENCOUNTER ALONG THE WAY.
    A super, super bargain!!!

  4. GermanInvasion
    GermanInvasion says:

    This guy is an absolute idiot. In business there is supply—demand, buyer—seller, winner—loser! This can even be observed On a most primitive level. Why are people listening/paying for common sense info!

  5. Edward Chang
    Edward Chang says:

    This guy needs to get away from his wife fast. He's the doctor, he's the one who got to this point, and she's talking about how "we" can Moonlight and do extra work. And he's not the one calling in for it. She's scheming so much and she's not doing ANY of the work.


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