Aditya Birla Capital Limited vs Bajaj Finance Limited ABCL : Aditya Birla Capital Limited formerly known as the Aditya Birla Financial Services Limited BFLBajaj …

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  1. akshay verma
    akshay verma says:

    P/E ratio is same because EPS for ABC is very low, right now. Rs 2 to Rs 21 of Bajaj fin. Let it's EPS grow, to that level, which it eventually will. Then the stock price has to shoot up to almost 10 times, for the industry P/E of 40. Sure shot multi bagger for future.

  2. kucheriya1
    kucheriya1 says:

    Don't know why google decided to recommend old video, whatever.

    Fortunes have changed for both companies, bajaj is prince and while abc is pauper.

    I hold abc at 83, so I am hopeful. Bajaj is too rich to buy now,.


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