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  1. Thurman Harden
    Thurman Harden says:

    I don't know if you or anyone from your team looks at these comments but, WE NEED TO KNOW WHEN HUMBLE PUTS OUT THIS BOOK. That man's story is profound. New listener to the podcast but a long time fan. Keep being great!

  2. Randy Kt
    Randy Kt says:

    Always a great convo(consistency)…Wish list for future conversations are Dave Grohl, Jay Morrison, Dave Chapelle, Colin Kaepernick, Shannon Sharpe, Brother Polite, J Cole, & Daylyt for now…

  3. Tony Williams
    Tony Williams says:

    Only listened to the first 15 minutes and this interview has already reminded me that we complain about living a luxurious life. We really have EVERYTHING we need. Clean water, food, clothes, transportation, a reasonable place to sleep, etc. Some, if not all of these things are an everyday fight for someone else.

  4. Titus Davis
    Titus Davis says:

    Yo! Thank you for this. I needed everything that was in this podcast. I'm 43 years old and I'm so impressed with you and your man Humble. This was seriously empowering. I'm going to listen again and take notes.

  5. Mike T
    Mike T says:

    I grew up a privileged white male, with every opportunity in the world at by disposal. Nothing was handed to me, we weren't rich, but I had a leg up on most people, just like any other upper middle class kid. Humble's story is very motivational, and I often think about what I don't have instead of what I do. Why I can't do things instead of why I can. Dude has me thinking a bit differently and I'm definitely grateful he shared his experience.

  6. Tray G.
    Tray G. says:

    I’m slowly getting to the newest episode and each and every episode is amazing. This one really hit home as a current black male in college. I’ll definitely revisit this episode!


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