Dave Ramsey talks about the time Oprah Winfrey and he had an argument about a couple who were not communicated about money. Can you guess who was …

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  1. E. Caldwell
    E. Caldwell says:

    What Oprah was saying was that the husband trusted her w/ the responsibility of their unit. She is his counter-part, so why wouldn’t he trust her. Who knows what else the husband had going on to warrant his attentions. OPRAH WAS RIGHT! The husband was trusting in her. As wives entrust in their husband.

  2. matthew hoover
    matthew hoover says:

    "unless she's a psychopath, he should have been involved"

    i'd assume that someone who runs up 78k in debt without telling the spouse along the way is a psychopath to some extent. How do you run up debt of any kind and not mention it? She's mostly to blame, but maybe he had blinders on.

  3. mentalvmaxrider
    mentalvmaxrider says:

    Or the wife spends so much money that the husband has to perpetually work overtime in order to keep up with the payments. I don't think it's too much to ask somebody to look after the finances,if they are a stay at home spouse while the other is out working hard every day.

  4. Mr JONES
    Mr JONES says:

    It's easy for men to be pompous about their abilities when they have a good wife. The laws in the US allow women to ruin their families' futures and will still preference them. Ramsey the he is the reason his wife is reasonable. She could wake up any day, take half, then run off with the neighbor. Believe it or not even women have choices.


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