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  1. wwwShadow7
    wwwShadow7 says:

    Paying cash does cost more on the surface. But I had a $10K student loan at one time and made a $500 payment after being unable to make payments for a few months due to an employment circumstance, and not single dime of that went towards the debt. So I did the math and I was paying $70 a month to owe someone money. And not that much money either. In the end I payed off a 10 year loan in 4 years while averaging unemployed six months a year. Had I paid it off over the term, the payment was about $130 a month, so less than half of that paid per month went towards the debt.

  2. MadNomadM
    MadNomadM says:

    I don't need to have the same income in retirement as when I worked (for many reasons) and I'd rather be free than have a larger income. I'm not working again unless it's something contributing directly to a community. Too burned out. Can't do it anymore. So if pensions and market crumble, and SS runs out then I guess I'll live in box on the street. I refuse to live in fear. Not staying in a trailer park or campground either. I'll be boondocking. There are free places to boondock without moving every two weeks and not talking about urban parking lots. There is also the area near Yuma AZ and the Mexican border that is native land and costs $86 a year regardless whether or not you stay all year, can't beat that.

    Why not just move up and down elevation summer up, winter down?

  3. trudy MG
    trudy MG says:

    excellent. .I am going next spring on the road.I am 56 and need this info …I live in eastern canada ..and in that 11 percentage group ..need to start now ..thank you so much

  4. laura j phillips
    laura j phillips says:

    Looking towards the the future, the tribe I want to join, they all help each other and pay it forward, LTVL land you can rent for 7 months for 180.00 look on BLM website to find out which way you want to go. Get Solar !

  5. Claude Taylor
    Claude Taylor says:

    That was fairly terrifying and hard to listen to the whole thing. BUT I DID IT! I started collecting SSI @62 never quit working and doubtful I will. Gotta keep that cash flow going.

  6. Joseph DuPont
    Joseph DuPont says:

    God bless you young lady you are amazing a dose of inspiration even to those who basically have it okay but have the wanderlust would like to break away and see the country you or least fine that different situation to spend out your last year's keep up the good work I know that you inspire a lot of people including me take care

  7. Elaine Doremus
    Elaine Doremus says:

    We can identify ourselves as we like. If we identify ourselves as consumers, that's how we function. If we identify as humans, we can function in that capacity. Just because someone else or society calls us consumers, that doesn't mean we have to identify with that.

  8. Tom Kral
    Tom Kral says:

    all u are peddling is homelessness losers retire fine when you can, if you want to piss on the streets because u are last ignorant and smooch "liberals" disgusting

  9. Tom Kral
    Tom Kral says:

    u know if you need to be somewhere more than too weeks u are not there to see the country in your retirement u are a fucking homeless smooch, these people are ass holes worthless beings


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