A man wants to stop worrying about retirement and death as he fears it will lessen his life both in terms of enjoyment and health. Cappy agrees and gives him …

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  1. Phataku
    Phataku says:

    I'm 35 and I have a rental property making me money already. I've been without regular employment for several years, and make a little extra on the side with the occasional gig. I still have to work on the "Have Fun" part, as I still worry about my old age. I've always assumed there's a bullet in my future, since there's no way to plan for the boot heels of fascists. Sometimes I feel like the birthright of men has been stolen, and I mourn for what my life could have been. I hate wasting time, worrying about the past or the future that I have no control over.

  2. GunsOfThePhoenix
    GunsOfThePhoenix says:

    What about becoming a Mercenary overseas? Not like a security guard or some PC shit they have today. But like an actual mercenary in Africa like the Rhodesian's use to do? Live an adventure for the last years of your life?

  3. Laramie Hirsch
    Laramie Hirsch says:

    "Smith and Wesson Retirement Plan." Seems fitting, and the only thing more fitting would be if it Clarey somehow uploaded it on YouTube.

    One of several terrible ideas. I only say this because I very much enjoy other things Clarey talks about. I wouldn't be surprised if one day Clarey changes his tune about some of this stuff.

  4. Trox118
    Trox118 says:

    Even though Jesus is the crux on what all western civilization morals were built on. Any redpilled atheist knows Christianity if not the best ideology is also a bulwark to many such worse. Degenerate pleb. >Be Clarey >Constantly talk about how regressive left is causing cultural collapse >Ridicule the foundation from which western conservatism was built. Mother of mary and Joseph you are a walking paradox.

  5. Bling Bling
    Bling Bling says:

    Most divorced men with kids learn how to live the minimalist lifestyle, like monks. Entertainment and food are relatively cheaper now. Real estate is getting worse. Smaller communities are where many single parents move to.


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