A video request, but one that I wanted to share, that explains how retirement planning will be different for Millennials. Whatever “time tested” advice is given to …

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  1. Zach
    Zach says:

    Retirement? I don't even think that's in the future for me or my gen. I'm only upset that I have to pay into a fund that's going to fuck me over later on. I could do so much more with the money I pay into SS now. I'd be able to save much more. One thing I really need to do is get the hell out of CT. Taxes here are ridiculous. 

  2. TruthOverEverything
    TruthOverEverything says:

    Investment in your long term assets (your mind/body)
    Avoidance of stupid shit (relationships, materialism, addictions)
    Some sort of passive income stream (vlogging, writing, buying/flipping)
    Continual improvement in constantly reading and growing physically/mentally
    Realizing there is no "sure thing"
    Staying flexible and being willing to go with the flow

    All key

  3. bigcat56308
    bigcat56308 says:

    Stocks [currently] represent a hedge against two outcomes: #1 Inflation. As the Captain noted, stocks go up with the money supply. #2 In case good things happen. It's possible good things will happen in the world, that inflation won't be bad, that our debts are manageable because of good growth, that new technology brings about more prosperity. Stocks go up if people are feeling good about the future, and it's possible good things will happen in the future. So investing in stocks is a hedge against the possibility that our analysis of the current crisis is wrong. So having some stocks as part of a diversified portfolio isn't a bad idea.

  4. Alexandria Scott
    Alexandria Scott says:

    Ya exactly. Everything is so expensive for milienials you barely can get by and survive day by day. Other generations don’t get it. Everything is just a joke why a lot of us are just throwing in the towel just done. The economy and job market is so bad. Exactly what the elites want.


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