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  1. reddir
    reddir says:

    If we had sound money (store of wealth), just saving would be fine.

    Your idea of cash-flow investments is a good one for an earner of any age, and I whole-heartedly support it.

    However, once someone is no longer able to be properly engaged with society – retirement – they will often not be able to keep up the proper diligence over their investments.

    You mention Coca-cola dividends as a cash-flow investment. I am of the opinion that investing in blue-chips for dividend growth will again be viable after the crash we've been trying to put off, but that it is not a realistic strategy at this time.

    Yes, you can invest for dividends at this time, but only will great care both before and during ownership. A lot of very knowledgeable people seem to believe to the market is too overvalued at this time for a safe buy-and-forget approach.

  2. Phelony Jones
    Phelony Jones says:

    I think the Socialist Progressives and politicians in general mean to steal any and all retirement funds replacing them with worthless T-Bonds. That huge pile of wealth is just too appealing to let it alone. Spending wealth without earning or creating wealth has to be one of  the most fun things to do professionally.


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