Why Buying a Lottery Ticket makes Sense and Dave Ramsey Sales training and business expert Grant Cardone says don’t listen …

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  1. Matthew Silva
    Matthew Silva says:

    Grant knows what's up. I don't understand the hate you guys have. He's just saying take risks sometimes to see what happens. Doesn't mean you have to continue buying tickets.

  2. Aquafishsoup
    Aquafishsoup says:

    I agreed, people say that I have a better chance of getting hit by a car than winning the lottery, after the 3 winners are revealed, 300 million people didn’t get hit by lighting, cars, or pigeon turd, move on with your life and play again later.

  3. Kyler Briskey
    Kyler Briskey says:

    I followed Dave Ramsey's plan. It put me on a plan. He doesn't believe in buying lottery tickets, which I fully understand why. I still haven't bought any because of those reasons he gives. It's more about behavioral reasons then anything else. Lottery tickets are sold in poor communities for a reason.. because those people are NOT smart with money. Yes they may get super duper lucky and win a mil or so, but they will blow it all because their money spending habits.


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