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  1. Jinzo Core
    Jinzo Core says:

    try everything he says ,but not the part about stocking money in bank forever , b-cuz what's the use of that money if you gonna have to live without it and have a goal that small
    i say living exactly with all the monthly income and aiming for more , is what should be done
    and if there's anything i should get a use out of this precious gentelmen , its the part when we lay a thought on our higher consciousness when we set up a plan , while keeping a second eye on how reality flows beside

  2. ashresearcher
    ashresearcher says:

    About the financial freedom money, you should still invest it in assets that make you money. Saving it to invest is good but don't expect a lot of growth if it just sits in the bank at today's very low interest rate and considerable inflation LOL. You'd make more money investing in assets like real estate.


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